Emergency Tarping - How Long Does It Last?

Emergency Tarping – How Long Does It Last?

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You may have seen those blue tarps covering roofs in your neighborhood after a bad storm. How long can a tarp last on a roof before it damages the roofing material? Emergency roof wrap is a good roofing solution when the weather goes haywire but continue reading to find out how long this is a viable solution.

What is Emergency Roof Tarping & How Does It Work?

An emergency roof tarp is a cover placed over a damaged roof to prevent further damage. Contractors generally use emergency roof tarping after a severe storm damages the roof, such as hail or wind. Contractors place the tarp over the roof’s damaged area and then secure it with either nails or screws.

The purpose of an emergency roof tarp is to protect your home from further weather damage until the contractors can employ permanent repairs. It’s important to note that an emergency roof tarp should only be used as a temporary measure, not a permanent fix.

How Long Can You Use Emergency Roof Tarping?

There are two types of tarp installations: temporary and long-term.

A contractor will install a temporary tarp if they anticipate bad weather is on the way and want to prevent any additional damage to your home. Temporary emergency roof tarping can stay in place for up to three months.

On the other hand, a long-term tarp is installed when the contractor knows it will be several months before they can make permanent repairs. In this case, the tarp will remain in place until those repairs are finalized.

So, how long can you leave emergency roof tarping in place? It depends on the type of installation. A temporary tarp can stay in place for up to three months, while a long-term tarp can remain until repairs are complete. Be sure to consult with your contractor to estimate how long your tarp will need to stay in place.


Tarping will last a few months to a few years. Long-term installation can work for a year or two. If you tarp your roof and never take it down, it will slowly degrade from sun exposure to the elements. Roof tarping is a budget solution for uninsured homeowners who don’t have funds for extensive storm damage repairs.

How to Remove an Emergency Roof Tarp

Knowing how to remove a tarp from your roof safely is essential. Remember to consult your contractor on the best way to take it down. Often, they will have a unique removal process to ensure that no damage is done to your roof.

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