Winter Preparation For Commercial Roof Systems

Winter Preparation For Commercial Roof Systems

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Key Takeaways:

  • Inspect your roof before winter hits to ensure no weak spots need to be repaired.
  • Ensure that your gutters and downspouts are clear of leaves and other debris to drain water away from your roof properly.
  • Trim any trees or shrubs around your building that could potentially damage your roof if they were to fall during a winter storm.
  • Remove any snow or ice from your roof as soon as possible after a storm to prevent it from causing any damage or leaks.
  • Install a roof rake on your building to make removing snow and ice from the roof easier without climbing up on top of it.
  • Cover any exposed pipes or vents on your roof with insulation to prevent them from freezing and bursting in the cold weather.
  • Ensure your roof is adequately ventilated to allow heat to escape from the attic and prevent ice dams from forming.
  • Apply a waterproof sealant to areas of your roof prone to leaks, such as around skylights or chimneys.
  • Spread an even layer of gravel over your flat roof to help protect it from the weight of snow and ice.
  • Call a professional roofing contractor to perform regular maintenance on your commercial roof to keep it in good condition throughout the winter season.
  • Nations Best Roofing & Construction offers commercial and residential roofing services to customers in Claremore, OK, and the surrounding areas.

Winter is coming, so it’s time to prepare your commercial roof for the cold weather. If you don’t take the necessary steps, the winter weather could damage your roof.

Nations Best Roofing & Construction will discuss tips for preparing your commercial roof for winter. We will also give tips on how to fix common problems that can occur during the winter months.

Preparing Your Commercial Roof for Winter

You will have to follow these steps to prepare your commercial roof for winter:

1. Inspect Your Roof

The first step in preparing your commercial roof for winter is to thoroughly inspect it for any damage that may have occurred over the year. Look for any cracks, holes, or other signs of wear and tear. If you find any damage, repair it before the winter weather sets in.

2. Clean Your Gutters

Another vital step in preparing your commercial roof for winter is to clean your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause various problems, including ice dams, which can damage your roof. Make sure to remove all leaves, twigs, and other debris from your gutters to function correctly.

3. Trim Trees Near Your Roof

If there are any trees near your commercial roof, make sure to trim them back before the winter weather sets in. Snow and ice can cause branches to break and fall, damaging your roof. By trimming back trees, you can help prevent this from happening.

4. Remove Snow and Ice From Your Roof

Whenever snow or ice accumulates on your commercial roof, remove it as soon as possible. Snow and ice can weigh down your roof and cause it to collapse. Use a roof rake or shovel to remove snow and ice from your top safely.

5. Install a Roof Snow Melt System

If you live in a snowy area, you may want to consider installing a roof snow melt system. This type of system uses heat to melt the snow and ice on your roof, which helps to prevent damage caused by the weight of the snow and ice.

6. Inspect Your Roof Ventilation

Proper ventilation is essential for preventing damage to your commercial roof during winter. Ensure your attic is adequately ventilated so that warm air can circulate and avoid moisture buildup. Additionally, check that there are no blockages in your chimney or vents so that they can function correctly.

7. Install a Roof Heating Cable System

If you are concerned about ice dams forming on your commercial roof, you may want to install a roof heating cable system. This type of system uses electrical cables to heat the eaves of your roof, which helps to prevent ice dams from forming.

8. Seal Any Leaks

It’s essential to seal any leaks in your commercial roof before winter weather sets in, as leaks can worsen when water freezes and expands inside cracks and holes. Use caulk or another sealant to fill in any gaps or cracks around vents, pipes, chimneys, skylights, or other openings.

9. Cover Exposed Pipes

Pipes exposed to freezing temperatures risk bursting, so cover any exposed pipes with insulation. It will help protect them from the cold and prevent them from freezing.

Also, read our blog on emergency tarping to combat rainy conditions.

10. Hire a Professional Roofing Company

If you are not confident in preparing your commercial roof for winter weather, consider hiring a professional roofing company. A professional will have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that your roof is adequately prepared for whatever winter throws.

Tips for Fixing Common Roofing Problems in Winter

Tips for Fixing Common Roofing Problems in Winter

1. Frozen Pipes

The most common problem during the winter months is frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can cause a great deal of damage to your home and can be very costly to repair. If your building’s pipes get frozen, you should immediately take action to thaw them out.

2. Ice Dams

Another common problem that can occur during the winter months is ice dams. Ice dams form when heat from your home melts the snow on your roof, refreezes, and creates a dam. Ice dams can cause water to back into your home, leading to severe damage.

3. Snow Drifts

Snow drifts can also be a problem during the winter, as they block roads and driveways, making it difficult to get around. Snow drifts can also cause roofs to collapse if they are not removed promptly.

4. Winter Storms

Winter storms can cause power outages, downed trees, and flooding. To prepare for a winter storm, you ought to stock up on food and water. You should also charge your electronic devices and have flashlights readily available in case of a power outage. Additionally, you should know how to shut off the water main in case of a flood.

Also, check the Disaster safety website to protect your commercial roof from winter damage.

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